Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thoughts From a 3am Feeding

Hi baby. Stop crying. Good..eat. I need to buy marshmallows. Add it to the list. How the heck do I make a turkey? Like a whole chicken? Mmmm...lemon & herb turkey. Buy lemons. Cut rosemary. Do I have a pan big enough to roast the turkey? How big is it? 15lbs. Buy roaster. Marshmallows, lemons, roaster. Keep eating baby. I should pray for my baby. *praying* I should pray for ALL my kids! *praying* DON'T FORGET THE LIST! Marshmallows, lemons, roaster. *more praying* WAKE UP! I'll get the list at Walmart. Then I can pick up ribbon. Add ribbon to list. What time should I go to Walmart? Oldest has Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. Need to send in cookies and spoons. Put cookies in tupperware so they don't smoosh. Add spoons to list. Marshmallows, lemons, roaster. Gotta prep Thanksgiving dinner. What will fit in fridge? Green bean casserole. How do I make that?! Hope I got the right soup. Creamed corn. Marshmallows, lemons, roaster. Do I have a pan big enough for creamed corn? I'll have to make sweet potatoes on the stove. Not enough room in oven. Marshmallows for sure. Marshmallows, lemons, roaster. Add pan for creamed corn...nah. I'll make it work. Hi baby. Hurry up and eat. I'm tired. I love this kid. Mmmm socks. It's cold. I'm warm tho. Glad I wore socks to bed. Should I pee? I'm thirsty. Can I make it until the next feeding if I don't pee? I can pee and get a drink. One trip to the bathroom. Efficient. Marshmallows, lemons, roaster. I should write this all down. *typing on phone* What the heck am I doing?! It's 3:30am. I'll put it on my blog. Some mom out there will relate...

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