Saturday, November 22, 2014

Operation: Life Decompartmentalization: Advent

Our family has never intentionally celebrated Advent...can you hear the Christians gasping? ;)

Our families do not live in Kentucky with us.  They live in Florida, North Carolina, & Michigan.  We don't get to see everyone for every holiday, so usually we divide our holidays up between states.

It's amazing. It's also exhausting.

Let me explain.  We are so blessed to be able to spend time with our families.  There is nothing we want more than to be with our families...especially during the holidays.  It's also amazing that our boys get to see the country!  They have a TON of family that loves them so very much.

However, no matter where we are during a particular holiday, there is always someone we are NOT with.  If we could, we would be with all of our family every holiday, but we can't.  Also, distant family means traveling.  Lots of driving and flying.  Our boys are champs!  They are great at long hauls.  But, even the strong grow weary!

This year, we are staying in KY for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas.  What the what!?  I'm quite certain that God ordained this just for me.  I need a break.  We've been traveling a LOT since October, and I need to stay put for a bit.  I need to feel settled.  I need to be home.

So, for the first time in, well...EVER!...we are going to be home for all of Advent.

If I'm completely honest, all I knew about Advent was this: I'm supposed to take time to focus on Jesus before Christmas, and at church each week they light a candle that stands for something.  I needed to do some research.  HOW do I help my family (and myself) focus on Jesus more during this pre-Christmas time?

After some Googling and asking other mom friends, my heart was drawn to the Jesse Tree.  I brought the idea to my husband, and he graciously agreed to give it a try.  We're following the outline found here.  I used that outline to create my own ornaments.  Here they are:
We're going to use our small, fake tree to hang the ornaments on, and we will read each story from The Children's Storybook Bible (HIGHLY recommend!).

Advent doesn't officially start until November 30th this year.  I still have some time to get things together, but I'm excited to make Jesus a part of every single day this Advent season.  Jesus doesn't belong just at church.  He's a part of every single thing we do, every single day.  This is our way of refocusing our family on Jesus during a season that has dimmed His light with the LEDs of commercialism.

Happy Advent, friends :)

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