Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Gift Boxes

Coffee Box $25
This holiday season, I'm doing my best to shop local and shop small.  I hope to encourage all of you beautiful folks to shop local and small this year too!  Here are a few ideas to get you started :)

~Tea Box $22
   ...includes: 3 Osito Bath Teas (variety)
                     1 Osito Mug of your choice

~Coffee Box $25
   ...includes: 1/2lb Kifu Coffee
                     1 Osito Mug of your choice

~Cake4Two Box $28
   ...includes: 2 Osito Mugs of your choice
                     The dry ingredients for 2 Mug Cakes

~Bath Box $30
   ...includes: 16oz Osito Bath Salts
                      5 Osito Bath Teas (variety)

~Body Box $30
   ...incudes: 8oz Osito Sugar Scrub of your choice
                    8oz Body Butter of your choice
                    2 Body Butter Bars of your choice

Tea Box $22
Each box is made by 10 year old Olivia and her dad.  The wood is reclaimed from the local Subway that was damaged by a recent storm.  That means that each box is a small piece of Wilmore, KY history.  (And come on, don't you want to support sweet Olivia!?)

Kifu Coffee is roasted by a local family...well, local to me!  It's the best coffee I've ever tasted.  Honestly.  Nothing compares. To make it even better, it is roasted by some of the greatest people I know!  You can find out more about Kifu here: http://www.kifubeans.com/.

Osito Mugs are each hand painted. They are each unique.  They will hold up in the dishwasher, but hand-washing is recommended.

Coffee Box $25
Osito Bath and Body products are made with quality products that help to heal your skin. The ingredients are natural and you can pronounce each one ;)  I use my own products on myself and my family...that's the best endorsement I know of!

Please, this holiday season, please consider shopping local.  Consider shopping small.  Consider this:

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