Monday, October 27, 2014

Operation: Get Healthy...Almond Joys

For the love of all things chocolate, I think Halloween was invented to RUIN healthy eating!

My adorable, sweet, 75yo neighbor brings our boys candy each year for Halloween.  You see, one year, we caught him off-guard when we knocked on his door and my precious little Ewok said "Trick or Treat!"  He was unprepared and had no candy.  To remedy this, he brings my boys bags (plural!) of candy each year.

Darn those Almond Joys and their sweet, coconutty, chocolatey, almondy goodness!  It's like a bite-sized piece of Heaven! Death to those little sugar demons!

Because, here's the thing: sugar is not healthy.

It's ok. You can go get a paper bag to breathe into if you need it. This is life-changing stuff here.

Over a month ago I participated in a 10 Day Sugar Detox accountability group through Facebook. It was perfect timing.  I was just finishing my transition into a Gluten-Free lifestyle.  I was feeling better, but knew I wasn't eating as healthy as I could be.

**Let me quickly explain that I am not gluten intolerant.  I do not have Celiac's Disease.  I love bread.  As a matter of fact, garlic bread is a food I could live on forever.  I also do not think that grains are a bad thing.  However, it seems to me that the grains we are eating today are not the same grains people were eating way back when.  It is difficult to find non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) grains, and it is the modification that is not healthy.  This is why I choose to eat gluten-free.**

Back to it.

I quickly learned that living a gluten-free lifestyle had the potential to be very...VERY expensive.  Specialty flours and baking mixes are not cheap.  Buying them to re-create the foods we normally ate was going to cost more than we could afford.

My involuntary solution: Eat differently.  Because -->NEWSFLASH: Fresh fruits and veggies are cheaper than specialty foods.

My grocery bill is virtually unchanged.  Not higher.  Not lower, but not higher.

But I digress.  Let's get back to that sweet little sugar demon named Almond Joy.

I ate an Almond Joy.

I did.  Just now.  I ate one.  It was delicious.  And I don't feel guilty.  Because I have control over my food.  I ate one, worked out a little, and am now enjoying a cup of tea and The Voice.  That one sweet little morsel was not healthy.  But, what is even less healthy is deprivation.  If I denied myself every single thing I wanted to eat every single time, I would go nuts.  I would dive head first into a bag of Almond Joys and eat that whole. dang. bag.  Believe it.  I would.  So, I ate one. ONE.  That's all.  And I am getting healthier.

Don't judge me on Friday though.  We all slip up ;)

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  1. This is great! Posting about it is a great way to keep yourself accountable and share your story with others. Overindulging is much worse than having a little bit every once in a while. If that almond joy was the best almond joy ever and you're able to move on then that's great! Keep up the good work and thanks for helping inspire and encourage me to continue to work on building a healthy lifestyle :)