Saturday, October 18, 2014

House-Keeping. You Want Fluff Pillow?

I have been computer-less for almost a year.  Holy crap all over!  Thank you for being so patient with my absence, and thank you for still supporting my small business, Osito.

A few house-keeping things:

1. Osito is now on Instagram.  Make a girl feel loved and follow me: OsitoCrafts.  Thanks ;)

2. I have recently updated the Products & Pricing tab on the blog.  Check it out.  I pared some things down and added a few new things!

3. I am slowly going to be changing the look and feel of the blog.  Life is different than it was 1 year ago, and since this blog is a reflection of me, it's going to change.

Thanks for putting up with these little details (that feel unimportant right now!), and I hope to see more readers and more interaction soon! ;)


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