Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Break 'n Bake Cookies


Who doesn't loooovvveee chocolate chip cookies?  This girl does!  I also love the process of making them...especially with my kiddo!

The part I do NOT like is waiting.  I very much dislike (that's almost hate!) the process of putting cookie dough on a tray, putting it in the oven, waiting, pulling it out and repeating...over and over and over!  Then, I usually have so many cookies that one of two things happens: 1. We don't finish them, and they are WASTED! Noooo!!!!! 2: I feel ridiculously guilty and fat after eating all of them.  

My solution? Break 'n bake cookies.  NO, NOT THE STORE BOUGHT KIND!  My grandma would beat me senseless if she found out I made cookies from the freezer section.  Not to mention the amount of guilt I would have in not telling her!  So, no.  Not store-bought.

After making the dough, I bake as many as I need...usually just one cookie sheet's worth.  I roll the rest of the dough into balls the perfect size for baking.  I put those cookie dough balls into a freezer-safe bag in rows of 6 (usually you can fit cookies onto a cookie sheet in multiples of 6).  After all the dough is in the bag, I suck the air out and seal it.  Finally, I smoosh (that's the technical term) them together just a teeny-tiny bit -I don't want them squished, just touching nicely- then pop them into the freezer!

Now, when I want cookies, I break 'em and bake 'em!

*Note on baking time: If the dough is straight from the freezer, you will have to add some time to the recipe's baking time.

*Note on making: If you don't add egg, they won't bake well, but they will be perfect for eating raw out of the freezer!  Cookie dough doesn't freeze solid, ya know!


  1. Great idea! And your blog looks good!

  2. I do this as well because Im always SO SAD to see wasted cookies! Its a happy happy time ;)

  3. I made these today Kate! Thanks for the idea! :)

  4. Furrla, I'm so glad you made them! We actually made them again today too! I packaged them into small baggies (3x4) so we can give them away to friends this week :)