Monday, March 11, 2013

$2 Toddler! Banana Squirrel...Uh, Swirl...

Since my little booger is now able to peel bananas on his own (tear...they grow up so fast!), he is an excellent Banana Squirrel...uh Banana SWIRL maker!  
*Side note: SB has a tough time saying "swirl".  
It comes out as "squirrel".  
Therefore, we call it Banana Squirrel.*
What on earth is Banana Squirrel?!  

It is simply this: blended (in our case mixed b/c I burned up our blender making it!) frozen bananas.

I've seen it on Pinterest plenty, but never tried it.  Until...Daniel Tiger.  Can I get a whoop whoop for Daniel Tiger!?  SB wants to do everything Daniel Tiger does, so after Daniel Tiger made Banana Swirl, we HAD to try it.  We made it every day for at least 4 days after that episode, and we've made it at least twice a week since.  It really is THAT good!

I'm adding this post as a $2 Toddler because it really IS under $2!  We use about 2-4 bananas each time.  With 4 bananas we have some for later :)

I will let Sully walk you through the how-to: 

Step 1: Peel bananas...

Step 2: Cheeeeessse! (Here you can see that we break up our bananas...makes for easier mixing!)

Step 3: Pop it in the freezer...

Step 4: Mix it up!  We tried our blender...and broke it.  Good thing our mixer works great!  (There's no picture due to the dangerous nature of my son with a blender!)  Also, this is where you can add in anything you'd like.  I've added peanut butter, Nutella, and even a chunk of homemade brownie! YUM!

Step 5: EAT!...

And there you have it...Banana Squirrel :)


  1. We saw this Daniel Tiger episode! So cute!

  2. Cute! My girls made "banana ice cream" like this with just the banana blended with peanut butter. I think they also added in cocoa powder to one of them. I like the name Banana Squirrel much better than banana ice cream! lol

  3. Totally love this! Thank you for linking it up in The Mommy Club last week. I'm featuring you on my How to Meal Plan Facebook page!

    Have a super week! Crystal & Co.

  4. Thanks for the feature Crystal! How exciting...that's my first :)