Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Taco-Seasoning

I decided today to make some Taco Seasoning.  Some girls from our youth group were over playing with the boys, so I decided it was time!  I did a little research (ok, ok...Pinteresting) and realized that most recipes have paprika in them.  I don't have paprika in the cupboard, so I had to dig a little.  Then, I found this fantastic recipe over at Crystelle Boutique.  It's paprika free, so I gave it a shot!

The recipe made enough to season 1lb of ground beef, so I made the recipe until I filled up a small mason jar.  I like to have more than enough on hand!  I added some Cayenne Pepper to give it a little kick.  I can't tell you how much I added because I'm honestly not sure!  I also cut the amount of salt in half.

Tip: When you're working with herbs and NOT be afraid!  There is usually a way to balance out the flavors.  If you overdo one spice, there is usually another that will give the mixture balance.  How do you know what there's too much of?  Smell it!  Smell your mix.  Does it smell too spicy?  Add something mild or sweet.  Smell too savory?  Add something a little tangy or spicy.  This is my super unscientific way of cooking, and it won't work for everyone, but usually the smell of a mix of spices will be balanced...and delicious!

Did you make it?  What did you add or subtract?


  1. Hi Kate, this is a fantastic post. I love the tips you gave about how to alter the recipe.
    I am with you, I never add the whole amount of salt either...:)
    I don't really like salt, but a lot of people do..

    thanks for linking back!

    hugs x

  2. Crystelle, I did a lot of searching for a recipe I wanted to try...yours was my fave for sure! Can't wait to use it tomorrow!