Friday, January 25, 2013

The Pinterest Challenge II: Days 6-7

Day 6: Deck of Cards Workout

Here’s where I started to see success again!  To make these, I started by sorting the cards by suit.  Then, I set the face cards and jokers aside.  I wrote each activity on the cards with a permanent marker.

Every suit was assigned a different workout activity.  The number on the card indicates how many reps or seconds to do the activity. 

On the face cards, I assigned a different exercise activity to each face.  The number of reps/seconds was then determined by the suit. 

Jokers were each assigned a different exercise activity.

After I made these, I worked out…with 3 kids under 2 ½!  My 2½ year old LOVED it!  He got to pick the card we did, and he even tried doing most of the exercises with me.  Stinkin’ adorable!

Things to note:
-I was able to complete 1/2 the deck in 30 minutes...just for a frame of reference.
-I was sore the next day! :)
-I HATE the jacks in my deck.

Day 7: Drawing on a Mug

I have tried the whole “draw with a Sharpie on a mug and bake it” thing.  It didn’t work.  It washed off in the dishwasher, and let’s be honest, things that don’t go in the dishwasher are useless to me.  So, I did some research and ended up pinning a Porcelain Pen (Pebeo Porcelaine 150).  For Christmas, I asked for a Porcelain Pen, and I got one!  (Thanks, mom!)  I bought a mug from the dollar store (just in case it didn’t work!), and here is my second attempt at drawing on a mug…

Only $8, and can be personalized!

I LOVE IT!  I was a little wary of the mug being red, but once I decided on a design, it came together perfectly!

        I’m adding  these to my Osito Product List…watch for them! 

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