Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Pinterest Challenge II: Days 3-5

Part of the fun of the Pinterest Challenge is that sometimes the things I make don’t work.  For example: Days 3-5.  J

Day 3: Deodorizing Disks
I made them just like I was told to.  I followed the “recipe”!  I used a spearmint/eucalyptus instead of lavender, however, b/c  I planned to put them in my boys’ rooms.  They came out fine.  They just don’t deodorize like I thought they would.  As my two year old says, bummer dude!

Day 4: Grow Carrots &/or Sock Pencil Gripper
It was Sunday.  We had church, and youth group, and my parents came over, and…well…taking a nap took precedence over doing a Pinterest project.
With that said, I DID pick up the largest supply for a large, impromptu Pinterest project…I’ll post about it when it’s done!

Day 5: Slinky Birdfeeder
This fail may be partially my own fault.  I bought a cheap, plastic Slinky. 

Needless to say, there’s no way this would have held any peanuts, let alone birdfeed!  It never even made it to the tree L

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