Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pinterest Challenge II -Days 1-2

Day 1: Fruit Dip

Ooooo...fruit dip!  Yummy in this mama-who's-trying-to-lose-baby-weight's tummy!  Here's the recipe I "used".  I say "used" in quotes because if you know me, you know I am TERRIBLE at following recipes!  Not that I can't...I just don't like to.  It's a pride issue really.

But, I digress.

It was Thursday night, the hubs was working late and I was waiting for the kiddos to go to bed so I could enjoy a snack!  (Anyone else have ravenous scavengers for children?! Anybody? Anybody?!)

So, this lovely snack was a mix of peanut butter and vanilla Greek yogurt.  I added honey.  I like it like that. Altogether, this was a super yummy snack, and really not unhealthy!  Would I do this one again? Yup.  Sure would!

After........... :)
So stinkin' delish!

Day 2: Face Mask & Detox Bath
(The links I originally posted for the Detox Bath and the Face Mask did not go to an actual "recipe" for either.  The original pin for the Detox Bath had a "recipe" with the pin (make sense?), so I used that.  I searched for a similar face mask online and found this recipe.  That's the one I used.)

First, the face mask.  Let's start with...BAHAHA!  I am NOT a girly girl!  God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave me boys...even our pets!  That should help you understand that I don't do girly things like face masks.  They scare me a little.  But, I did it...
honey/cinnamon/nutmeg face mask

I figured since I was doing something girly, I might as well take a bath too.  This is all you get from that one...
Detox Bath
Both the face mask and the bath were lovely.  I will say this tho.  I do NOT recommend doing them at the same time.  My bath water was really hot.  Hot steamy water makes you sweat -a good thing for a detox bath, but not for honey on your face!  The mask started dripping.  Potential sticky mess!  Both worth trying, just not at the same time! :)

Day 3- Deodorizing Disks
I'm making them now.  I'll post pictures and results when they're dried!

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