Sunday, January 13, 2013

$2 Toddler: Room Road

One Monday morning in December I got to hang out with some super sweet boys...6 of them!  What do you do with 6 boys after the Nerf guns have to be put up?  

Make a masking tape room road!  

This one is not even $2!  I didn't even use one whole roll of masking tape!  This was great fun for all the boys.  They ran their cars & trucks all over the living room, but there was control to the chaos!  Bonus, I could see them all at all times! 

 Did you make your own room road?  What did you think?


  1. We love masking tape roads and games! Word of warning, though -- if you leave the tape too long, it can trash your carpet (or be really difficult to get off hard floors).

  2. So true! Good reminder! Mine was on for only a few days. Between heavy use and our dog, it didn't last much longer ;)