Saturday, January 5, 2013

$2 Toddler: Puffy Snowman Art

Ahhh, winter.  A lovely time with snow, sledding, snowmen and hot cocoa.  Unless you live in Kentucky.  O, we get some snow...about an inch...all winter long!  Growing up in Michigan, this is silly.  Ridiculous really.  That's not snow.  It's...IT'S...FLUFF!  So, without snow, we are stuck inside in the winter.  What do we do?
Art.  We do art.

The other day, my 2 1/2 year old and I painted with special snowman puffy paint!  It dries puffy and soft.  And, yes, you can make it for $2!

Puffy Paint: 1 part white glue : 1 part shaving cream

I'm not entirely positive that you can get the white, plain shaving cream in a can at the dollar store.  We had some in the house, so it was free for us.  I DO know you CAN get the white school glue at the dollar store.  You can also get wiggly eyes and tissue paper if you want to decorate your snowmen.  But, beware, it does NOT work like glue.  Wiggly eyes will fall off!

Here is our art.  Sully's are a little more like melted snowmen ;)

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