Wednesday, January 23, 2013

$2 Toddler: Glowsticks!

There is an item I purchase almost every time I go to the dollar store.  Glowsticks.  You can get a tube of 15 or so for a dollar. 


Our boys love them!  They take one to bed almost every night, use them as Light Sabers, and in this edition of $2 Toddler I will share with you our favorite glowstick activity: glowstick baths. Easy peasy, wet and glowing fun!  Crack a bunch of those babies to get ‘em glowin’ and throw ‘em in the tub with your kiddos.  Turn off the lights and watch as your kids play in awe! 

You can’t see the boys, but you can see the fun!

The ones we get have little connectors so during this particular bath, I made a couple loops.  Sully and Harmon both had fun “catching” them with unconnected glowsticks.  Twirling them wasn't quite as successful  but, O, the motor skill practice... :)

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