Thursday, January 31, 2013

$2 Toddler: Magic Towels

Magic much joy and just so stinkin' practical!  

Here a list of why I LOVE these for my little guys:
-They bring so much joy
-I can use them in the tub
-They give a lesson in how things get bigger when they absorb water
-It's like a little slice of science
-You can "grow" them in any "body" of water
-They're not messy

Each of these little gems is only a dollar!  There are tons of different characters, and in our house they make great potty rewards!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Glug! Glug! Buy a Mug!

From Spain to Kentucky, With Love: $8
*State/country can be customized

             DMB Song Lyrics: $8
      *can be ANY song lyrics in any style :)


Mum Mug: $8

Red Mandala Mug: $8
*No mandala is the same 

Matching Bathroom Set: both for $15
*can be customized


Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Pinterest Challenge II: Days 8-11

So here's the thing...days 8-11 were not totally successful.  Maybe I just picked super crappy projects?  I'm not sure.  Here are days 8-11...

Day 8: Salt Painting

Maybe I didn't have enough salt?  Maybe I should have used white glue and not a glue stick?  Whatever happened, we ended up simply painting!  We had just as much fun :)

Day 9: Colored Spaghetti Noodles
I really wish we would have made these.  We had even rented The Lorax from the library the night before.  Sully would have loved it.  However, I loved going to the pizza arcade place (Gattitown) & not having to cook, clean or pay AND we came out with EXHAUSTED kiddos!  I'll cut my losses :)

Mug $8
Day 10: Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening
O busy day, I didn't do this one on Day 10, but I DID do it on Day 11...

I DID, however, get to make two fun mugs!  Here's one ------> 
*Watch for a post coming soon to see more pics of this one and the other mug I made!*

Day 11: Sweater Makeover
Well, I BOUGHT a sweater TO makeover!  That HAS to count for something, right!?  My machine is in the shop right now getting a tune-up.  That's why I can't finish this project.  I will though!  As soon as my sewing machine is back in my arms, I will use it!  I will sew again!

Instead of sewing, I did try whitening my teeth with a q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide.  I rubbed the q-tip on my teefers for about 30 seconds (each tooth).  I'm not sure they're whiter.  I will say that they look a little brighter though.  I'm not sure I can describe the difference, but there it is.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Pinterest Challenge II: Days 6-7

Day 6: Deck of Cards Workout

Here’s where I started to see success again!  To make these, I started by sorting the cards by suit.  Then, I set the face cards and jokers aside.  I wrote each activity on the cards with a permanent marker.

Every suit was assigned a different workout activity.  The number on the card indicates how many reps or seconds to do the activity. 

On the face cards, I assigned a different exercise activity to each face.  The number of reps/seconds was then determined by the suit. 

Jokers were each assigned a different exercise activity.

After I made these, I worked out…with 3 kids under 2 ½!  My 2½ year old LOVED it!  He got to pick the card we did, and he even tried doing most of the exercises with me.  Stinkin’ adorable!

Things to note:
-I was able to complete 1/2 the deck in 30 minutes...just for a frame of reference.
-I was sore the next day! :)
-I HATE the jacks in my deck.

Day 7: Drawing on a Mug

I have tried the whole “draw with a Sharpie on a mug and bake it” thing.  It didn’t work.  It washed off in the dishwasher, and let’s be honest, things that don’t go in the dishwasher are useless to me.  So, I did some research and ended up pinning a Porcelain Pen (Pebeo Porcelaine 150).  For Christmas, I asked for a Porcelain Pen, and I got one!  (Thanks, mom!)  I bought a mug from the dollar store (just in case it didn’t work!), and here is my second attempt at drawing on a mug…

Only $8, and can be personalized!

I LOVE IT!  I was a little wary of the mug being red, but once I decided on a design, it came together perfectly!

        I’m adding  these to my Osito Product List…watch for them! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

$2 Toddler: Tube Stamping

I saw this little idea on Pinterest.  All you need are toilet paper tubes, paper and paint.  I squirted a little red paint onto a Tupperware lid, and then I pinched the toilet paper tube so it resembled a heart.  Sully used it just like a stamp.  It’s super cute!  I might use this for Valentine’s Day cards…

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Pinterest Challenge II: Days 3-5

Part of the fun of the Pinterest Challenge is that sometimes the things I make don’t work.  For example: Days 3-5.  J

Day 3: Deodorizing Disks
I made them just like I was told to.  I followed the “recipe”!  I used a spearmint/eucalyptus instead of lavender, however, b/c  I planned to put them in my boys’ rooms.  They came out fine.  They just don’t deodorize like I thought they would.  As my two year old says, bummer dude!

Day 4: Grow Carrots &/or Sock Pencil Gripper
It was Sunday.  We had church, and youth group, and my parents came over, and…well…taking a nap took precedence over doing a Pinterest project.
With that said, I DID pick up the largest supply for a large, impromptu Pinterest project…I’ll post about it when it’s done!

Day 5: Slinky Birdfeeder
This fail may be partially my own fault.  I bought a cheap, plastic Slinky. 

Needless to say, there’s no way this would have held any peanuts, let alone birdfeed!  It never even made it to the tree L

$2 Toddler: Glowsticks!

There is an item I purchase almost every time I go to the dollar store.  Glowsticks.  You can get a tube of 15 or so for a dollar. 


Our boys love them!  They take one to bed almost every night, use them as Light Sabers, and in this edition of $2 Toddler I will share with you our favorite glowstick activity: glowstick baths. Easy peasy, wet and glowing fun!  Crack a bunch of those babies to get ‘em glowin’ and throw ‘em in the tub with your kiddos.  Turn off the lights and watch as your kids play in awe! 

You can’t see the boys, but you can see the fun!

The ones we get have little connectors so during this particular bath, I made a couple loops.  Sully and Harmon both had fun “catching” them with unconnected glowsticks.  Twirling them wasn't quite as successful  but, O, the motor skill practice... :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pinterest Challenge II -Days 1-2

Day 1: Fruit Dip

Ooooo...fruit dip!  Yummy in this mama-who's-trying-to-lose-baby-weight's tummy!  Here's the recipe I "used".  I say "used" in quotes because if you know me, you know I am TERRIBLE at following recipes!  Not that I can't...I just don't like to.  It's a pride issue really.

But, I digress.

It was Thursday night, the hubs was working late and I was waiting for the kiddos to go to bed so I could enjoy a snack!  (Anyone else have ravenous scavengers for children?! Anybody? Anybody?!)

So, this lovely snack was a mix of peanut butter and vanilla Greek yogurt.  I added honey.  I like it like that. Altogether, this was a super yummy snack, and really not unhealthy!  Would I do this one again? Yup.  Sure would!

After........... :)
So stinkin' delish!

Day 2: Face Mask & Detox Bath
(The links I originally posted for the Detox Bath and the Face Mask did not go to an actual "recipe" for either.  The original pin for the Detox Bath had a "recipe" with the pin (make sense?), so I used that.  I searched for a similar face mask online and found this recipe.  That's the one I used.)

First, the face mask.  Let's start with...BAHAHA!  I am NOT a girly girl!  God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave me boys...even our pets!  That should help you understand that I don't do girly things like face masks.  They scare me a little.  But, I did it...
honey/cinnamon/nutmeg face mask

I figured since I was doing something girly, I might as well take a bath too.  This is all you get from that one...
Detox Bath
Both the face mask and the bath were lovely.  I will say this tho.  I do NOT recommend doing them at the same time.  My bath water was really hot.  Hot steamy water makes you sweat -a good thing for a detox bath, but not for honey on your face!  The mask started dripping.  Potential sticky mess!  Both worth trying, just not at the same time! :)

Day 3- Deodorizing Disks
I'm making them now.  I'll post pictures and results when they're dried!

Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest and Facebook!  Happy pinning AND trying!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Pinterest Challenge- Vol. 2: The Homebound Version

Back in September I challenged myself to do one Pinterest project a day for a month.  It ended up being perfect timing for my car to break down because the boys and I had some planned at-home activities to do.  (To see those adventures you can click on the "The Pinterest Challenge" tab at the top of the page.)

Well, this time Chris' car broke down.  Like for real BROKE.  Chris works about 20 minutes away and does a lot of driving for work, so...the boys and I are homebound until further notice!

**Let me take this chance to offer the opportunity to donate to the "Muesing Car Fund". ;)**

It's been 5 days and the boys and I have some cabin fever!
What to do?...
What to do?......

Today I filled up the rest of a January calendar with Pinterest projects.  Here's the calendar:

In case you're having trouble reading that teeny tiny print, here's the break down with their links:

Jan. 24: salt painting
Jan. 29: tinted lip balm

Starting tomorrow, I will fight cabin fever!  Bring it on, Pinterest!

PS...Follow my boards on Pinterest!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Toddler "Chore" Chart

"Chore" is not a dirty word.

As a matter of fact, my 2 1/2 year old thinks it is...wait for it...FUN! to help me with chores!  In my own little perfect world he will think chores are fun forever...right...perfect world my foot!  But, for now, I will use this to my advantage and train him well in the ways of taking care of our house!

This is Sully's Sticker Chart!

Every time Sully does one of the chores on this list, he gets a! A sticker!  I put 3 chores that he enjoys on the chart and added 2 more that he's not so fond of.  Believe it or not, he likes feeding Stoney (our dog), unloading the dishwasher, and helping with laundry (I do that a lot when he's napping, hence the lack of stickers).  Now, cleaning up toys and pooping on the potty are NOT things he likes to do.  (One day he will probably stumble across this blog post and yell at me for telling the world that he doesn't yet like to poop in the potty.  Too bad.  This is payback for having to clean out poopy undies! HA!)  I'm hoping that he will get so excited about stickers in the areas he likes that he will like doing the things he doesn't currently like...make sense!? ;)  Every time Sully gets a sticker on a star space he gets a special treat.  He got his first special treat the other day...a GIANT marshmallow.  The excitement was crazy!  In fact, he was so excited that he did another chore and earned another sticker!  Cute kid!

$2 Toddler: Room Road

One Monday morning in December I got to hang out with some super sweet boys...6 of them!  What do you do with 6 boys after the Nerf guns have to be put up?  

Make a masking tape room road!  

This one is not even $2!  I didn't even use one whole roll of masking tape!  This was great fun for all the boys.  They ran their cars & trucks all over the living room, but there was control to the chaos!  Bonus, I could see them all at all times! 

 Did you make your own room road?  What did you think?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Want to win a gift set from Osito?!

My fantastic friend, and fellow blogger, Carrie at Quite Carried Away will be giving away an Osito gift set in February!

To enter to win, go to Carrie's blog and enter at the bottom.  Easy squeezy!

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Look

Osito Body Butter got a face lift!  Same great product, new look :)

Order anything from Osito in January and receive a free sample of my new Lip Balm!

$2 Toddler: Puffy Snowman Art

Ahhh, winter.  A lovely time with snow, sledding, snowmen and hot cocoa.  Unless you live in Kentucky.  O, we get some snow...about an inch...all winter long!  Growing up in Michigan, this is silly.  Ridiculous really.  That's not snow.  It's...IT'S...FLUFF!  So, without snow, we are stuck inside in the winter.  What do we do?