Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guess What Sully's Saying! -The blog version :)

My 2 year old is hilarious.  Most parents THINK their child is the funniest kid in town.  I know it.  Sully constantly surprises us with the things he says.  A few examples:

Me-Sully, will you please put your spoon in the dishwasher?
Sully-Yes. Easy peasy.

After taking a drink of something cold..."Ahhh...recreshing!" (refreshing!)

When surprised..."O. My. GOODNESS!"

I sat on a chair he wanted to sit on, and he said, "Scoot toot!" while pushing my booty out of his way.

Me-What's up?
Sully-What's up, homie?

When the coffee pot gurgles, "Coffee Monster!"

The list goes on, but this is not the best part of my 2 year old's talking hilarity!  This comes in his pronunciation.  I've even started a fun little game on facebook called "Guess What Sully's Saying!".  How to play: I spell Sully's pronunciation phonetically and you guess what he's saying.

Give it a try! (The answers are below.)

*Disclaimer: none of these are meant to offend anyone.  They are all said by an innocent 2 year old!

1. maggot
2. cat cash
3. pecker oh knee
4. nay dur hood
5. super jew
6. say nk
7. rack a nid
8. frih bih bee
9. key ess
10. hay ulp
11. chee up

1. magic OR magnet
2. Cash Cab
3. pepperoni
4. neighborhood
5. Subaru
6. sink
7. arachnid
8. frisbee
9. kiss
10. help
11. chip

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