Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pillow Fluffin' For This Squirelly Girl (Days 23-25)

Day 23:
Pillow Fluffin'
Pinterest suggested I put my pillows in the dryer with some tennis balls.  Pinterest told me that my pillows were gross and the tennis balls would not only fluff them, but would also get the nasties out of them.  I'm not sure if the nasties are out, but holy fluffiness, Batman!  Mmmm...nothing like clean sheets, a refreshed mattress with homemade Febreeze, and super fluffy pillows!

Now, if only my kids would have let me sleep through the night! ;)
This was the little offender that particular night!

Day 24:
I painted my nails.  My fingernails.  My toenails.  I think the last time I painted my fingernails it was clear...and almost 2 years ago.  Toes...I honestly don't remember.  But, I painted them.  Pinterest suggested that I follow this pattern, and told me these particular colors were in style:
Don't judge my lack of nail painting skills.  I can paint wall trim like a ninja.

Day 25:
Rag Skirt
I know, I know "Kate, you have boooyyyys!"  I do, I know.  BUT, this skirt was too cute and I have waaayyy too many scraps of fabric that needed to be used up!  So, these are what I made:

The one on the left if about a 5T size and the one on the right is infant sized.  I have to admit...I LOVE THESE!  Now, who will be the lucky little girls who receive them!? Muahahahahahaha!  

That's all on this fine evening.  Cee Lo and his pink, cotton candy pooping bird are done for the night, so I'm done also. Good night my friends, good night.  

Woah...just realized that this was a SUPER girly post! 

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