Monday, September 3, 2012

Me vs. The Pinterest Challenge

Hi, my name is Kate.  I am a Pinterestaholic.  

The land of Pinterest is vast, and glorious :)  I can get lost for hours at a time looking at things I want to do/create.  I like to think of myself as a really great "Pinner" too.  I actually feel flattered when people repin my pins.  Yea...kinda lame, but I like it! :)  Every so often I have a bit of Pinterest guilt though.  Never heard of Pinterest guilt? (That's probably because I made it up!)  I'm sure if you are on Pinterest, you have felt it at some time or another, but were unable to put a name to the intense emotion flooding you while you pinned yet another project that would inevitably sit on your board...undone.  Pinterest guilt is that emotion.  You know, when you pin more things than you can actually accomplish?  Then you feel bad for having spent so much time with intentions of creating, but not actually creating.  

This month, I am taking a step to overcome my Pinterest guilt!  Enter, The Pinterest Challenge!  Every day in September, I have a Pinterest project planned.  That's right...every. single. day. So, what's the plan, Stan!?  Well, I went through my boards and picked out the 31 pins that I have been wanting to accomplish.  I picked a few cleaning tips, a few meals, a few desserts, a few kiddo projects, and a few things just to quench my creative thirst. 

It's September 3rd.  I have done 2 out of 3 days.  I am not going to beat myself up about missing yesterday though, because I got to take a nap with my sweet boy who has a little cold.  (I got that cold b/c of that decision, but it was worth the snuggle time!)  Here are some pictures of the two days I did accomplish:

Sept 1: Toy Truck Painting
 Above are my supplies.  I used finger paint, tupperware lids, a piece of paper from a big roll, and 3 toy trucks. *Note: Do NOT use cars/trucks that you can go forward on their own after you pull them back...lots of splatters!  Also, use trucks with all plastic parts...easier to clean ;)

At first, I was rolling the trucks in the paint, and he was rolling it on the paper, but he quickly proved to be a paint rolling master.

 I had to cut another piece of paper once this one was hung to dry.  We hung the other one on the back side of this door for daddy to have in the garage.  Truck art = acceptable garage art.

Sept 3: Baking Soda and Vinegar Fizz
 Again, easy peasy entertainment for my 2 year old!  Supplies: Droppers (I got some droppers from our pharmacy), a pan with baking soda, 4 small bowls with vinegar and food coloring. I squeezed the colored vinegar into the droppers and handed them over.  While he squeezed one, I filled another.  He was never without a dropper.  I even introduced the word "experiment"...oooo science lesson!

One happy scientist!

So, here begins my adventure....join me, won't you!?


  1. Truck art is absolutely garage art! Awesome!

  2. Awwww! Your little guy had FUN and that counts for a lot! On Pinterest I have 2 secret groups. One is for recipes I want to try and the other are crafts that I want to try. That way they don't get lost in the shuffle of Pins that I repin for others.

    Keep on rockin! SusieQTpies

  3. What a fund idea. I need to get over my Pinterest guilt too and get some projects accomplished. You have inspired me!! Nichi