Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eeeee! (That's my excited squeal!)

Day 9 was Pinterest-less.
To make up for Day 9, I did 3.5 Pinterest projects on Day 10 and 1.5 on day 11. :)  Here they are: 

Day 10:
Long-Distance Hugs:
I traced the boys' upper bodies with their arms stretched out and let them color all over them.  We sent them in the mail to their great grandparents in Michigan.  When they wrap the paper around them, it will be like a great big hug from my sweet boys! 

Growth Chart:
A while back, I found this plank at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Lexington.  For $5, I couldn't live without it.  I painted lines -big for feet, little for inches.  (I measured so that it would be accurate when it was above the molding.)  It finally got hung between the boys' bedrooms. Inspiration.

"I Love You Because..." Frame:
My bestie made one of these for her and her hubs, and she was raving about it.  I had a frame and some scrapbook paper laying around, so I made this little sweetie...

And because we drink entirely too much coffee (by "we", I absolutely mean ME!), this was the perfect spot!
I must say, I LOVE getting love notes (insert middle-school "Oooo" here) from my hott man!  It is also a great reminder to thank him for being wonderful and to actually tell him!

Breakfast Popsicles: Part 1
This one is pretty self-explanatory, but here are the steps, just in case :)
1. Cut a banana in half.
2. Shove a skewer up the banana.
3. Slather in peanut butter (or Nutella...oooo!).
4. Roll in Cheerios (we like multi-grain!)
5. Freeze overnight.
6. ...see Part 2.

Day 11:
Breakfast Popsicles...Part 2
Let me just tell you, little guys love the idea of a popsicle in the morning!

Fine Motor Fun:
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  My little guy sat still and quiet for quite a long time -on several different occasions- sticking pipe cleaners into a strainer.  As an early childhood educator, I LOVE that this activity engaged his fine motor skills AND integrated sensory stimulation also.  That's my big fancy way of saying my guy had no clue he was learning while he was playing! HA!  And he thought all he does is fun and games...

He was really proud when he got them into the holes.  A confidence booster for sure!

Then he decided to get those creative juices flowing and he stuck only one end in a hole...he called them snakes. :) Boys...

Butter Mints:
You know those tasty little butter mints? The pastel creations they have sitting on tables at graduation parties and other events with...well...tables?  Mmm...the ones you suck on and they melt in your mouth!  This recipe may blow your mind. Just sayin'.

 Sully and his friends loved rolling the dough into "snakes".  

 I used a pizza cutter to slice 'em.

 The sippy cup is just a reference of the size of the container.  This is about one batch!

Day 12:
Crunchier Oven Fries:
I have no picture.  I got the idea to make my oven fries crispier here. It worked. They were tasty. End of story :)

Day 12/13:
Breakfast Kabobs:
Skewered fruit and donut holes?!  Who could resist?  I know the high schoolers at our morning Bible study didn't! 

Gorgeous and delicious!

I will try to update more frequently...promise! Especially because it's Day 16, and I've only posted through Day 13.  Until then, try something new!  This adventure is fun!

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