Saturday, September 22, 2012

Days 16-22

 It seems like I start most posts this way lately...hmmm...Days 14 and 15 were Pinterest-less.  I feel that my excuse is valid, however.  Here it is: My in-laws were in town, and my husband was not.  See?! Good one, huh!?  Have no fear.  I picked it back up on Sunday.  "It" being the ball.  Get it?!  Right...moving on...

Day 16:
I wish I could say this was a hard project, but it was fun from the start -eating pancakes at Cracker Barrel and swiping the syrup jars, the middle -slitting vanilla beans and soaking them in vodka, more middle -shaking them every day, to the end -we aren't there yet, but I have made this before and it is delish!  I love, love, LOVE the color changing in the jars...beautiful!

Day 17:
Chai Tea Mix
Yummy yum yum yum!  Fall is by far my fave season.  Chai makes me feel cozy, but man it can be expensive for the tasty stuff!  I made a batch of this Chai mix and it made 2 big canning jars of Chai...and it is super yummy!

I didn't like this one very much.  What? I'm just being honest...I'm allowed to not like some of my creative attempts.  All this was, is cut up sponges that are used as blocks.  I thought it would be kinda cool, but it was more "eh" than anything.  The boys like to pull them out and "build towers" out of them.  They really just make a big pile on the middle of the floor with them.  

Day 18:
Random Act of Kindness
The day after making the Chai, I put some in a jar and I put it in the mailbox for our mailman!  We love our mailman.  He puts up with our big ol' German Shepard.  He deserves a treat, especially because this was a yucky rainy day.  We chose one idea from this list of Random Acts of Kindness, but it is so full of other GREAT ideas that are easy, fun, and super sweet :)

I also made the tunic that you can find instructions for here. (Warning: The site is in Spanish, but there are plenty of pictures to see you thru the tutorial!)  Mine didn't turn out quite as cute (I don't have a picture), but I might be brave and wear it with some chunky scarf.

Day 19:
Apple Honey Pork Loin
Again, no pic, but my hubs loved it!  I confess, I did not read the recipe.  I looked at the picture, thought it looked delish, and made my version based on what the picture looked like.  You can read the recipe they used and compare it to mine if you'd like :)  I put some butter and olive oil in the bottom of my crock pot, sliced a pork loin into pieces, but not all the way through.  I put some honey, more butter and apple slices in each slice.  I baked it until it was done. That's all.  Then eat it.  Yum.

Sandpaper Shirt Art
I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest (of course), but there was no link -GASP!  Thankfully, there was a description of how to do the project that gave three little boys such joy and pride that it was...well...GREAT! :)  
How it works:
 -Color with crayons on sandpaper.  Use really fine grit sandpaper.  The harder you press the crayon, the stronger the color transfers. If you're going to write any words, WRITE THE LETTERS BACKWARDS!

 -Iron.  Flip the sandpaper (grit down) onto a cotton shirt and press with a hot hot iron.  If you rub the iron, the wax can smear a little because the sandpaper doesn't adhere to the shirt. Press for a few seconds, lift, then move to a different spot on the sandpaper.

 -Admire.  Admire your child's work.
-Present.  Now, this is the most important step!  When I knelt down to show Sully his art on his new shirt, he said (I kid you not), "O, GOODNESS!"

-Wear with Pride.  These boys put their shirts on and ran around my house for a while in a state of screeching, skipping, running, and jumping.  They were pumped and so full of pride that they were able to show off their art on their shirts!
-Wash.  I washed Sully's on its own in a cold wash the first time.  I didn't want to wax to bleed.  It didn't.  I plan to wash it normally with everything else from now on.

Day 20:
Brown Sugar Vanilla Sugar Scrub
O, this one isn't new.  However, it coordinates with Day 21, and I got the idea from Pinterest, so the verdict counts!  I would love to tell you how I made this, but I can't.  Then you would make them yourselves.  That would mean you wouldn't buy them from me.  I mean, you could get a recipe from the link above, but mine are tweaked just a little.  Osito is, in fact, my little business on the side and I sell Sugar Scrubs (on sale until Friday, Sept. 28 for only $5!).  I made this scrub for a reason though.  My very sweet friend ordered one for a party she was hosting on Friday...that leads us to...

Day 21:
Favorite Things Party
I wish I had thought of this.  It was a wonderful way to spend our monthly Girls' Nite!  Props to our spectacular host.  We each brought something that we of our favorite things.  Then, we each drew a name and gave that person our favorite thing.  I made smelly sachets that you boil on the stove. O, look!  I have some recipes for these pinned!  These aren't the exact ones I used, but they are very similar!  Delish smelling house?  No fear of my children dumping hot wax on the carpet? Yes, please!

Day 22:
Nada nada limonada.  It's my 5th anniversary with the love of my life.  We spent the morning at the apple orchard with our boys, my parents and my brother, then spent the afternoon under the weather on the couch.  Frozen pizza and a Redbox with a bowl of ice cream for dessert.  We are sooooo romantic ;)

Until next time...keep crafting, everyone. Keep crafting.
I'll have to work on my tag line...

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