Thursday, August 9, 2012

An arco iris, The Avett Brothers, and more stationary...

First, let me share with you this little blessing God gave me on our drive home this evening...
Now, I will share a story with you about one of the reasons rainbows are so special to me.  I lived in Honduras for 2 months in college.  I went by myself and lived in an orphanage with 20 kiddos and one other adult.  I was the only one who spoke English for most of my stay.  The orphanage was up high on a mountain outside Teguc, and the views were breathtaking!  After a good rain, we got some pretty awesome rainbows...or an arco iris in Spanish.  The kids taught me the word and it's one of my faves still. :)  One day, I was taking a nap (don't judge!) and a little girl came running into my room (which I shared with the other woman and some mice) and woke me up.  She was sooo excited!  She kept saying "Arco iris! Acro iris!" I got up and was rewarded with the sight of a beautiful rainbow...and the hugs of some of the sweetest faces ever.  Priceless.  I will never forget that day, ever.

To continue on with the nostalgia, I am currently listening to the song Swept Away by The Avett Brothers (who I will forever call the AV-it Brothers, not AVE-it (phonetically) Brothers).  I'm back in the coffee shop where most of my friends worked in college.  After closing, we would lock the doors and turn up the music while we cleaned up (I was a really good friend!).  My friend, Dave, introduced me to The Avett Brothers, and we always started with this song.  Whenever it came on, we (the girls, not Dave...he wouldn't dance with us) would twirl around the shop.  Occasionally we got a dance out of one of the guys, but usually Aaron twirled around all full of sarcasm :)

Ok, that's all the nostalgia I can handle tonite. :)

Here's something fun...Hasbrowns in the waffle iron! O yes, I did it.  Spray the waffle iron, dump in some hashbrowns, close and wait...wait some more...just a little longer...ok, now sprinkle with some seasoned salt and EAT 'EM!

How about a few stationary samples to end this post?  Yea?  Great!  Here are a few I did the other day for some teachers.  Order yours today! 

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