Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jam and magnets...and a really handsome helper!

 I made jam for the very first time! My family went blackberry picking last Sunday and I went back again this Thursday with our playgroup to snag a couple more quarts.  The sugarless blackberry jam turned out the best (so far), but the strawberry mint is SUPER tasty!  Sully helped me mash berries. He liked to be the Smasher!

 Gosh...he's getting so big!

Earlier this week I bought a package of magnets and today I finally got around to making them cute :)  This wooden tool puzzle was missing a piece or two, so I hot glued some magnets to the back and voila!  Repurposed toys are just like new toys!

These bottle cap magnets are for the adults ;)  I actually sell them in sets of 5 for $3.

And, last, but not least, here is an update on my 100 Days of Thankfulness: 
Day 68: I am thankful that I got to experience Matthew 18:20 tonight.
Day 69: I am thankful for silence.
Day 70: I am thankful that MY HUSBAND IS ON HIS WAY HOME!
Day 71: I am thankful for fun, inexpensive family time.
Day 72: I am thankful for productive "domestic" days around the house.
Day 73: I am thankful that my jam set up well.
Day 74: I am thankful that God "hems me in".
Day 75: I am thankful that my hubby and I got to go on a date tonite. (& I'm thankful for a REALLY awesome babysitter!)
Day 76: I am thankful for the weekend.

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