Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm a rebel...I don't use patterns!

Today was a lovely day for sure! First, I woke up to this little guy, wearing this little gem on his head, saying "Hat? Hat." This is his cheese face :P

We scooted into "town" so I could pop into Target, Old Navy and Joann.  I got Purex Crystals to add to my homemade laundry detergent...glorious! I definitely recommend that little addition!  I got some flippy floppys from ON, and I got the fabric for the skirt of this little number at Joann. Yup, I made a dress during nap time (blowing on nails and polishing them on my shoulder). This is where I mention that I did not use a pattern ;)  I also used a lil' left-over dress fabric to snazz up my flip flops...tie, wrap, knot, complete.

After a bath with GLOW STICKS, Sully moved my arm off of Harmon so he could snuggle him...sweetness defined right..wait for it.. here...

Once Little Bit was in bed, I cut up lots and lots of fruit and separated it into 3 tupperware containers to go into the freezer for breakfast smoothies. When I was elbow deep in fruit juices, Sully thought it would be funny to pull on my shorts. Heaven forbid I keep a straight face when begging my almost 2 year old (2!) to please stop pulling my shorts down!  He walked away for a moment and I thought I was in the clear, but then...BAM! He pantsed me.  The little sucker pantsed me.  In the middle of the kitchen with my hands covered in fruit.  Good thing we value a sense of humor in this house!

To end the day, hubby and I demo'ed the hall bathroom!  WOO HOO for a mama who is a contractor and has extra tile to fix up our bathroom!  A little vacuuming tomorrow, and we are ready for tile, a new (non demon-possessed) toilet, and a frame around the mirror to fancy it up a little.  

PHEW! What a day! 

These two were from yesterday, but they are too sweet not to share :)

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