Thursday, April 5, 2012

Osito meets the Lexington Rescue Mission

I am so excited to bring my first official load of Osito things to the Lexington Rescue Mission tomorrow!  I got the "ok" to sell my Sugar Scrubs and Body Butter, so I made a few up and am taking a trip in the morning to drop them, and a variety of other things, off.  I am pumped about getting my stuff "out there", but I am also so so so glad to have been given the opportunity to support a local mission.  If you're in Lexington, or the surrounding areas, check it out!  It's a great cause and there are lots of other local artists/crafters represented!  For more information, visit:

Here's a dose of cuteness for your day:

Yup, this actually happened...and with it, their cuteness factor increased ten-fold!

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