Monday, April 16, 2012

I haven't been crafting much this past week.  We've been pretty busy around here!  My dad had surgery last week, my grandparents were in town, this weekend was our church's youth retreat, and last night (and today) we are keeping a friend's little girl while they are at the hospital with their other child.  Like I said, busy!

Last week, Sully made his first loaf of bread.  I am the granddaughter of an Italian baker, so making bread is just something you do as soon as you can walk.  This was his first loaf, and it's a new recipe, so it's not too pretty.  It was tasty tho!
Here's my little man kneading the dough...

Here is the final product...

I'm hoping to start crafting again soon, but first this mama needs a BIG NAP!

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