Monday, April 23, 2012

Body Butter

Body Butter!

Ahhh warm weather! Windows open, grilling, playing in the backyard, and....shaving...eck!  My legs are dryer than dry after winter, but this stuff has seriously been a miracle for my skin!  I always want super silky soft looking legs that girls on shaving commercials have, but I never could figure out how to get that w/o being greasy.  This stuff gives me that look...for real!  This is some left over from a batch I sold a while back (it lasts a long time bc a little bit goes a long way!) and it smells like lavender vanilla.  It's one of my favorite smells right now, and I really like how this stuff makes my skin smell good all day without being super strong smelling. If you're interested in buying some, let me know.  A jar is only $7, and it can be paired with sugar scrub and/or bath salts for a really great Mother's Day gift!

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