Friday, March 23, 2012

Rain, Mail, and Crafts

What a great day!  
It rained for a while today, so we stayed inside.  Don't worry, rain does NOT deter this trio!  We had a dance party, watched Happy Feet (well, as much as Sully's attention span could handle), played trucks, drew a picture, built forts, and the list goes on!

The highlight of Sully's day was probably that he got some mail.  Truly, it was like Christmas at our house today!  First a box from my grandma with clothes for Sully.  He quickly found the shirt with a "choo choo" and has worn it all day.  He also enjoyed the box after I cut it so it made a garage for his trucks.  Then, we got a box from Chris' mom with toys galore for the boys!  Sully is in truck heaven!


The highlight of Harmon's day was probably eating...

Then, on to exercising.  I am not a fan of working out, but exercising with my little man is a blast!!!  Today, while I was doing my plank, Sully crawled under me and said, "fort!?" Well sure, little man, I'd love to be your fort!  Then, while I was doing sit-ups, he laid next to me and put HIS feet under the couch too.  He didn't quite get it, so he just counted with me.  What a teachable moment!  Love, love, LOVE!!!

On a crafty note, I got to work on some Osito things today.  Osito is my little business on the side.  I make lots of things for babies, some beauty products, and I even dabble in some home decor.  Up to this point, most of my things have been custom orders.  However, I am attempting to branch out!  I am meeting next week with the Lexington Rescue Mission about putting my items in their new Bazaar.  LRM is an awesome organization in Lexington, and I would be so proud to have my Osito products sold in their "store".  The best part is that 40% of sales go to the ministries of LRM!  I'll keep you posted on the developments there as they come.  For the meeting, I was asked to bring some examples of the products that I would like to sell at the Bazaar.  Here are some things I made today that I plan to bring with me:

Cuddlers ($12) ...

Some beauty items...

Lavender Vanilla Body Butter...($7)

Lilac Sugar Scrub ($7)

If you're ever interested in any of my Osito items, feel free to email me an order: 

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