Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is a long one, but a good one :)

This evening, I would like to start with some DIY tutorials!  These are actual things that I have made, and use in our home. Enjoy, and be inspired!

First on the list is this window frame message board...
What you will need:
A window frame
(I found mine at The Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It was $5.)  
Paint in the color of your choice
Screws and Screwdriver
Hot Glue Gun
Strong wire

Here's how I did it:
First I Clorox wiped the heck out of the frame!  Then, I painted the back of the bottom panel with blue paint. When the paint dried, I hot glued the cork to the top panel.  Then, my hubby helped me screw 3 hooks into the place where the handle would have been.  There were already 3 holes, so it wasn't too difficult.  Finally, we (my hubby helped here :)) twisted some wire just under the head of a screw and drilled it into the top back of the frame.  We did that again a few inches away to create the hanger.  Voila!  Hang it and enjoy!  The bottom is dry erase and the top is a cork board and the hooks hang our keys.  We had everything around the house expect the frame so this project only cost us $5!

Mason Jar Plant Hanger... 
What you will need:
A Piece of Old Wood
2 Mason Jars (or as many as you want!)
2 Metal screws/jar
Metal dryer clamp thingys (ask at Lowes!)
2 wood screws
strong wire

Here's how I did it...
First, lay the board down on a table and decide on the placement of your jars.  Mark it with a pencil.  We just eyeballed it. :)  Using 2 screws/clamp thingy, screw the clamps into the wood.  Put the jars in the clamps, and screw tight.  Wrap the wire under the screw heads and screw them into the top, back of the wood.  Fill 'em up!  I've tried growing things in mine (herbs and grass) but I don't have enough sun in my kitchen to sustain growth.  I LOVE putting dried lavender sprigs in them though!  They look and smell pretty and add a feminine touch to my house full of men ;)

 Vanilla...yes, I said homemade vanilla!
What you will need:
Vanilla Beans (2 beans/1Cup of Vodka)
Glass jar
2ish months of patience :)

How I did it:
Split the vanilla beans down the center and stick them into the vodka.  Shake.  Put in a dark space.  Shake every day for 2 weeks.  Wait at least 2 months, shaking sure to open and smell occasionally just for the pure pleasure of it.  Enjoy!!!

Winter Candle Jar...
What you will need:
A mason jar
Epsom Salt
A paintbrush
Modge Podge 

How I did it:
Paint the jar with Modge Podge.  Roll in Epsom Salt.  Let it dry and put a smelly candle in it.  Easy Peasy!  This was super cute on the table this winter with a wintery smelling candle in it! :)

 Fall Candle Jar...
What you will need:
A jar
Leaves you like
A BIG book
Modge Podge
Rubber bands
A paintbrush

How I did it:
First, flatten the leaves in a book. After a few days, your leaves should be nice and flat.  Modge Podge the crap out of the jar...seriously...a LOT!  Place the leaves on and if they overlap, be sure to reapply MP where necessary.  Wrap rubber bands around the jar to hold the leaves down.  When the MP is dry, put another coat of MP on.  Let it dry and remove the rubber bands.  Stick a lovely autumn scented candle inside and enjoy the glow! :)

Laundry Detergent...(sorry the pic is a little blurry) 
What you will need:
Borax (2cups)
Washing Soda (2cups)
OxyClean (1cup, generic works for us!)
Fels Naptha Soap (1 bar, grated)

How I did it:
Pour it all in the container, put the lid on, shake and use.  1 tbs per load of laundry.

Dryer Sheets... 
What you will need:
A dish towel/washcloth/rag...or something like that
Fabric Softener of your choice

How I did it:
Soak the rag/towel/cloth in fabric softener, let it dry.  Once it's dry, put it in the dryer with your load of laundry.  You can reuse it again and again and again!  Once it feels like the softener is out of the rag, you can soak it again, or wash it and use it as a rag.
*The best part is that when it's drying in my hall bathroom, my entire house smells like Gain Apple Mango Tango!*

 Bath Fizzies...
I followed these instructions:
I put mine in a fish shaped mold for Sully to have in the tub. :)

Rock Mat... 
What you will need...
A plain door mat
A strong adhesive
River rocks (4 or 5 bags)

How I did it...
In a VERY WELL VENTILATED SPACE, glue the river rocks onto the mat.  Let it dry and use it.  Easy Peasy :)

WHEW!  That was a lot of DIY!  Below are some more things I make and sell at Osito.

 washcloths 4/$6

Onesies...(these are little girl onesies I made for my cousin's little baby girl)
 ribbon bow onesie ($8)

 sweetheart onesie ($8) above: front, below: back

 pink fuzzy whale onesie ($8)

 little birdie onesie ($8)
 below: the birdie on the booty

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