Saturday, March 17, 2012

A few of my recent projects

I've been getting a lot of canvas orders lately. I started Osito by just selling sewing projects for babies. Recently, however, I've been able to expand my creativity with lots of other projects. I'm still sewing (and am currently filling a few sewing orsers, as a matter of fact!), but I'm also working on some canvasses too! Here are some pics of a few of my most recent projects.

I picked up a few new essential oils today.  Citronella and Lemongrass.  Why on earth would I get a smell as nasty as citronella, you ask!?  BUG SPRAY!  I made some.  You see, I am a mosquito magnet, and our backyard seems to be a cesspool for the nasty little creatures! (Why did God create them anyway?) Last summer I was unable to leave our 6x4 concrete slab of a "porch" w/o my feet looking diseased bc of mosquito bites!  This year, my toddler is forcing me off my slab and into the wild mosquito jungle.  I WILL be prepared! Here is my solution:

2 cups of Witch Hazel
15ish drops of Citronella EO
15ish drops of Lemongrass EO
5ish drops of Lavender EO 
5ish drops of Peppermint EO

mix it up
put it in a spray bottle from the dollar store
use it!

It's not water/sweat-proof, but I'm not sure I believe that other bug sprays are either.  I don't mind spraying it every so often, bc I've had to do that anyways.  Regardless, I've heard it works, and I'm comforted to know that it is safe to spray onto my skin and my kids' skin. 


  1. Yeah I love the blog....if this works well I will really need this!

  2. I'll let u know how it works! I'm hoping to make some citronella candles now that I have the WO!